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Time To Gold 糕點時光

Grab & "Gold" DIY "Put Chai Ko" (Red Bean Pudding) Pack

Grab & "Gold" DIY "Put Chai Ko" (Red Bean Pudding) Pack

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When was the last time you tasted traditional Hong Kong pastries? Have you ever thought about making them at home? Grab & "Gold" DIY pastry kits allow you to easily make traditional pastries at home.

|Grab & "Gold" DIY "Put Chai Ko" (Red Bean Pudding) Pack|
Nostalgic Hong Kong pastries and snacks can be easily made at home, with the aroma of brown sugar and organic red beans as a finishing touch. The texture is chewy and full of classic local flavor.

△ Prepare ingredients at home without leaving the house
Selecting organic ingredients, level up your health!
△ Includes word and graphic instructions as well as cultural knowledge game cards, which can be easily understood even by beginners.

Low-sugar formula, organic and healthy

The product ingredients are locally grown organic crops, mainly consisting of five grains and low-sugar nutrition. We insist on using healthy low-sugar recipes to ensure that our products are both healthy and delicious.

Cultural heritage and increased awareness

The product comes with cultural trivia and game cards, suitable for families, young people, couples, sisters, or anyone of all ages to learn about cultural knowledge while making pastries, practicing experiential learning, and promoting traditional pastry culture.

Supporting elderly women to showcase their strengths

The product is made by a group of elderly women, and we support women facing unemployment and financial difficulties under the epidemic, giving them the opportunity to showcase their skills.

🔺The product is also pre-mixed in the right proportions to reduce hoarding and waste. We encourage families to enjoy making pastries together, giving the next generation the opportunity to experience making traditional pastries and continue the tradition.🔺

You can also make pastries with nostalgic and delicious taste together and enjoy them at home. Let's grab and "gold" together!






210 g


Sticky Rice Flour, Red Bean, Brown Sugar, Tapioca Flour, Corn Flour

Tasting and Storage Method

Within one year (stored at room temperature)

Delivery Method

LALAMOVE Delivery/Store Self Pickup/SF Express

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