Social enterprise heartwarming gifts
Sending thoughtful gifts to your clients and loved ones.

Whether it's corporate gifts, event souvenirs, wedding favors, or promotion-related gifts, giving them to clients, colleagues, and loved ones is always the most heartwarming choice!

Made with love by golden-age women | Traditional specialty snacks, pastries, and beverages | Healthy low-sugar recipes | Customization available | Bulk order discounts available

Wedding favors | Order custom wedding candies

Wedding favors are not only a heartfelt gesture prepared by the couple, but also a sincere gratitude towards their family and close friends.

At Time To Gold, we proudly offer wedding favor/candy ordering services. From the food selection to the design and packaging, everything is meticulously crafted by our golden-age aunties, with the aim of supporting senior employment opportunities.

Add a touch of warmth to your wedding day 💖

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Corporate gifts | Event souvenirs | Promotional gifts for job promotions