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Do you remember when was the last time you ate a traditional pastry?

Rice cup cakes and Cha Gwo have witnessed the childhood memories of many people. With the development of society, traditional pastries are gradually being phased out and the precious skills are facing the risk of being lost. They are almost disappearing in Hong Kong. In view of this, Time To Gold hopes to use workshops to not only recognize the skills of elderly women, but also to share pastry culture, increase public attention and interest in pastries, and pass on the precious tradition of pastry-making skills. Let's preserve the golden age of pastries and embark on a new journey with "Time To Gold".


「糕點時光 Time To Gold」是一間致力保存傳統糕點文化的獲獎社會企業。我們提供糕點銷售及寄賣、技能培訓、體驗工作坊及資訊分享等服務,希望在提供服務的同時,促進婦女充權及長者就業。

  • ​Women's Empowerment EMPOWERMENT

    Many grassroots women have some experience and interest in making traditional pastries. Time To Gold provides women with comprehensive training, from researching and developing pastry recipes, to making and marketing pastries, as well as business management. This allows them to rediscover their existing abilities, build confidence, and leverage their strengths, ultimately achieving self-reliance in the long run.

  • 促進婦女充權 長者就業

    Traditional pastries often give people the impression of being "old-fashioned" and "cheap." Time To Gold adds new elements and a new image to nostalgic pastries, develops innovative flavors, and sells them in our flagship store, major consignment points, and markets, expanding the brand's existing sales channels and improving the income of retired women. On the other hand, we share stories of people, interesting pastry anecdotes, and vivid cultural records to revitalize the image of pastries.

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  • 提供工作 提升收入
  • 合適工種 發揮所長
  • 職業培訓 持續就業
  • 提升自我形象 融入社會
3 · 8婦女節 | 慶祝女性成就 關注性別平等


  • 禮品訂製
  • 企業合作
  • 體驗工作坊及課程
  • 糕點文化推廣
  • 派對到會服務
  • 糕點銷售及批發