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Time To Gold 糕點時光

Vegetable & Meat Buns (2 pieces)

Vegetable & Meat Buns (2 pieces)

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Crispy cabbage and diced pork are mixed together to create the filling for these steamed buns. The crisp texture of the cabbage complements the flavorful pork perfectly. The combination of the two ingredients results in a delicious and aromatic filling that is both fragrant and satisfying. Each bite is irresistible, and you'll find yourself unable to resist having one bite after another.



40 g


Wheat flour, cabbage, pork, oyster sauce.

This product contains gluten-containing grains, soy, and their derivatives.

Tasting and Storage Method

Within three days (store in a refrigerator at 0-4 degrees Celsius)
(To refresh, steam over boiling water for 5-10 minutes)

Delivery Method

LALAMOVE Delivery/In-store Pickup

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