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Time To Gold 糕點時光

Ginger and Jujube Cake with Tremella

Ginger and Jujube Cake with Tremella

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Hong Kong Social Enterprise|Ginger and Jujube Cake with Tremella|Made in Hong Kong

Time  To Gold will be launching a new limited edition pastry for Mother's Day this year - the Health-Preserving Ginger and Jujube Cake with Tremella!

The crystal-clear crystal cake is made with premium Xinjiang red dates and organic ginger. The top layer is a warm and stomach-toning ginger juice cake, and the bottom layer is a fresh jujube paste that nourishes and invigorates the body. This double enjoyment will provide mothers with nourishment and vitality!



110 g


Water, isinglass powder, red dates, sugar, ginger juice, osmanthus, wolfberries

Tasting and Storage Method

Within three days (0-4 degrees refrigerator storage)

Delivery Method

LALAMOVE Delivery/Store Pickup

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