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Time To Gold 糕點時光

Coconut Osmanthus Cake with Fermented Black Rice

Coconut Osmanthus Cake with Fermented Black Rice

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Hong Kong social enterprise|Coconut Osmanthus Cake with Fermented Black Rice|Made in Hong Kong

The cake has a rich taste, with a golden layer of osmanthus cake on top. The finest osmanthus and goji berries are carefully selected and added to pure rice wine made from organic sticky rice from Taitung. This creates a clear and translucent osmanthus cake with a fragrant and sweet taste of rice wine.

The bottom layer is a purple rice coconut milk cake, made from the most nutritious glutinous rice fermented into purple rice wine, retaining the bran layer and complete germ. Each bite contains the original rice wine flavor, adding a chewy texture to the classic osmanthus cake.

The wine brewing technique comes from the San Tin Man family in the New Territories, and the cake not only inherits traditional culture but also has the effect of nourishing qi and blood, dispelling wind and cold, and enhancing physical strength.


550 g


Milk, coconut milk, water, gelatin powder, purple rice wine, pure rice, corn flour, rock sugar, wolfberry, osmanthus

Tasting and Storage Method

Within 14 days (requires refrigeration)

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LALAMOVE Delivery/Store Pickup

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