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Time To Gold 糕點時光

Childhood Memories - Ding Ding Candy

Childhood Memories - Ding Ding Candy

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Hong Kong Social Enterprise|Childhood Memories - Dingding Candy|Made in Hong Kong

Authentic nostalgic Hong Kong street snacks, over a hundred years of history.

Using a low-sugar recipe to relive the nostalgic taste, suitable for gifting and personal enjoyment.

Ding Ding Candy was introduced from Guangdong Province and became popular in Hong Kong in the 1960s.

The name "Ding Ding" comes from the sound "ding ding" made when street vendors used hammers and chisels to break the sugar blocks in a basin while selling candies.


80 g


Sugar, Water, Millet Gum, Maltose, Sesame

Tasting and Storage Method

Within 3 months (store at room temperature)

Delivery Method

LALAMOVE Delivery/Store Self Pickup/SF Express

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