Fun Facts - Steamed Rice Cup Cake with Red Bean

Why is it called "Rice Cup Cake" in the first place? "Cup" refers to a small clay pot. In the early days, traditional "Rice Cup Cake" was made by mixing yellow sugar and sticky rice flour into a paste, which was then steamed inside a small clay pot. Using a clay pot to steam the pastry allows it to absorb the aroma of the rice, which can be retained even after the first round of steaming. However, nowadays, most are made using small porcelain bowls. When eating, the "Rice Cup Cake" is poured out of the small pot and eaten with a bamboo skewer.

"Rice Cup Cake" is a traditional Cantonese pastry originating from Taishan. Some "Rice Cup Cake" may add red beans, while others are made with white sugar, resulting in a white color. There is no official English name for "Rice Cup Cake," but it is often referred to as "red bean pudding" or "sticky rice pudding" by some people. Next time, you can introduce this traditional pastry to your friends from other places!