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Time To Gold 糕點時光

Ginger and Jujube Cake with Tremella (Boxed)

Ginger and Jujube Cake with Tremella (Boxed)

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Hong Kong Social Enterprise|Ginger and Jujube Cake with Tremella|Made in Hong Kong

The key is to use ginger! In winter, many women suffer from cold hands and feet due to poor blood circulation, which can also lead to menstrual pain and other issues. If you want to warm your body and uterus, ginger would be a good choice!

Time To Gold introduces the Ginger Jujube Crystal Cake, which is made from high-quality Xinjiang jujubes and organic ginger. The crystal-clear jelly-like cake provides a nourishing and energizing double enjoyment!

In addition to the fresh jujube paste that nourishes the blood and promotes circulation, the delicate osmanthus fragrance complements the spiciness of ginger, creating a rich and refreshing taste. Even if you are not a fan of spicy food, you can still enjoy it!



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